Project 1: Schooling and Education

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to receive an education regardless of their financial situation. In Haiti, basic education is not free and unfortunately, there are many families who do not have the funds to send their kids to school. It costs approximately $150 US dollars per year to support a child through elementary school education. This amount covers:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • School Supplies
  • School Uniforms

Project 2: Healthcare

Healthcare in Haiti is very expensive which makes it non-accessible to most families. There are also families in need of food and clothing. We would like to provide families with basic medical and dental care, meals, and clothing. Funds will cover: 

  • providing medical supplies to a local clinic
  • providing meals to families in need
  • providing clothing to families in need

Character-Development Programs

The future of a country is always dependent on the incoming generation of children. This project is very important. Character-Development programs will help guide children in the right direction and encourage them to be the positive change Haiti needs to see. We want to allow sons and daughters to dream and give them the necessary tools to reach the dreams that their society told them were impossible. Donations will support: 

  • recruit and hire staff
  • partner with groups and churches for summer volunteers 
  • develop and support Mentoring & Peer Leadership training 
  • recreational activities